Does warren buffett own any gold stocks?

Warren Buffett doesn't invest in gold. Is Warren Buffett a Buyer or Seller of Stocks? Barrick Gold wasn't the only stock that Berkshire Hathaway sold in full. The company also completely left its positions at Pfizer, JPMorgan Chase, M%26T Bank and PNC Financial. In addition, it reduced its stake in Wells Fargo by %26 Co.

Now, the reason they prefer gold is because you can take gold anywhere, unlike stocks and real estate. In the short term, Barrick shares could continue to come under some pressure if gold prices weaken, although any lower profit due to gold should be partly offset by rising copper prices (Barrick owns and operates four copper mines). With gold prices falling in a recovering economy, Barrick's expectation that operating costs will remain high points to a bleak picture for the gold producer this year. When news broke about the coronavirus vaccine, the risk began to decrease, leading to a decline in gold prices and a decrease in the stock price of gold companies.